Greene & Markley

Tax Controversy

Greene & Markley offers unique expertise in the field of taxation. A thorough understanding of the interplay between bankruptcy and tax laws is often necessary to avoid numerous pitfalls which can appear without careful planning. We offer clients unique insight into the thinking and case development processes of the IRS, audit and other risks associated with tax and other transactions, and the most efficient means of resolving a tax controversy.

The Greene & Markley tax practice group can service most types of controversies that arise with the federal and Oregon (state, county, city) taxing authorities. This includes audits and litigated disputes over the amount of tax due before the federal and state Tax Courts, and collection controversies where a client faces tax liabilities that cannot be conveniently paid. Greene & Markley is one of the few firms in Oregon (if not the only firm), that offers equal expertise in both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy solutions to a tax problem. The tax practice group can competently prepare returns and financial statements demanded by a taxing authority. It can efficiently service many types of cases where expertise can be difficult to find, such as taxation in bankruptcy and insolvency, tax lien priorities, jeopardy assessments, transferee liabilities, estate tax liens, and other extraordinary IRS enforcement actions.

The tax practice group generally does not service criminal controversies, pension plans, international tax, or general tax planning issues.

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