Greene & Markley

Commercial Litigation

Greene & Markley’s Commercial Litigation Practice Group is focused on providing a comprehensive array of services to businesses, corporations, banks, and financial institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Our attorneys work closely with clients to determine the best strategies and approaches to resolve even the most contentious and complex commercial disputes.

Our extensive commercial litigation experience includes assisting clients with:

A primary concern of any business, corporation, or financial institution is long-term success.  Extended court battles can prove a drain on resources, endangering or disrupting productivity and profitability.  At Greene & Markley, our attorneys work diligently to resolve business disputes expeditiously and conclusively, so that your organization can resume normal operations.  Few firms possess our breadth of experience, knowledge, and resources, allowing our lawyers to draw on our intricate background in commercial, bankruptcy, and real estate law to assist in resolving business-related disputes as swiftly as possible.

For experienced commercial litigation attorneys who provide legal representation that is better, faster, and more affordable than that of our competitors, contact Greene & Markley today for assistance.


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