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At Greene & Markley, P.C., our appellate attorneys have a wealth of experience in a variety of areas.  Our attorneys have handled appeals involving bankruptcy law, commercial litigation, tax controversy, corporate, and real estate litigation.

Courtroom Experience

Collectively, our attorneys have handled thousands of cases before administrative agencies, state courts, and federal courts, including the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.  Our familiarity with the appellate court system in the Pacific Northwest enables us to anticipate difficulties that may arise when a case is brought before a specific court.  In many instances, we know how a particular judge has ruled in the past, and understand the direction the court has been leaning on the specific issues related to your case.

Appellate Litigation Skills

When businesses, financial organizations, and corporations have much at stake in seeking to appeal a prior court ruling, obtaining legal counsel that is experienced and knowledgeable in these matters is an imperative.  Appellate practice is unique in that the success of an appeal may hinge on a few critical factors – a cogent and well-written brief, well-supported arguments, and persuasive speaking skills.  Generally, appellate attorneys must identify all the relevant factual and legal issues in the case, obtain support from statutes and legal precedents, and develop articulate oral arguments to persuade the judicial officer or panel of judges to rule on a client’s behalf.

To find out how our team of highly qualified appellate attorneys can assist you and your organization, contact Greene & Markley today for assistance.

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