Greene & Markley

About Us

Greene & Markley is a law firm dedicated to promptly providing high-quality legal services at reasonable fees to clients in the Portland, Oregon region and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 1983, Greene & Markley provides legal counsel to individuals, businesses, banks, lenders, and financial institutions throughout the Pacific Northwest in a range of areas, including complex bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, commercial litigation, appellate litigation, real estate, and tax controversy.

We want our clients, adversaries, courts, friends, and the public generally to consider us competent, professional and tough, but always ethical and fair. We encourage creative problem solving, with a careful eye on economic realities. We are committed not merely to complying with the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct, but to adhering to higher standards of professionalism and integrity.

As an employer, we are committed to making this firm the best place to work for everyone. We believe every employee has an important job to do and should be treated with respect. We provide a comfortable environment, fair compensation and assurance that all employees are valued members of the team. We will never condone intimidation or abuse of employees in any form or from any source. We will strive to recognize and reward industry, personal initiative, loyalty and team spirit, along with other, more objective achievements.

We hope to remain an independent law firm with a clear command of specific areas of the law. We will promote the use of other law firms when projects arise which are beyond our expertise, and we will try to create a network of firms which will refer work to us in return. We believe that gradual growth, to the extent it is required by our practice, is a sign of vitality and strength. We recognize that profitability is essential to the survival and success of the firm. To that end, we will strive to increase efficiency, avoid waste and reward hard work.

Greene & Markley should be a fun place to work hard. We intend to be the best commercial law firm in Oregon and one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. Despite our lofty goals and desire for perfection, we eschew arrogance and self-importance.

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